Horse Training- Colt Starting, Tune Ups, Finishing

Willing partners come from a foundation of good, solid groundwork and quality miles under saddle. Gentle methods produce sound minded individuals for any discipline you choose. Be in the show ring, trail or on the ranch.

Experienced in many different disciplines including Western and English Pleasure, Ranch work, Trail/Recreational horses and Show horses both In Hand and under saddle events. Colts started in my program have gone on to successful careers in all different disciplines including Dressage, Western Pleasure, Reining, etc.

I have trained a wide variety of breeds from Stock breeds to Warmbloods, Arabians to Ponies. I have also trained an assortment of Gaited breeds. No matter the breed, age or intended use, a solid foundation is key in whatever venture you choose with your equine partner!

Rates as of January 1st, 2017 are as follows:

*Full training and board, including any grain or supplements: $850 per month

*Evaluation for sale purposes, 1 week evaluation and full board: $250

*Halter or Sales fitting and board, no under saddle training, including any grain or supplements: $700 per month

*Other options include in hand training for weanlings, yearlings or 2 year olds, sales marketing (including photographs, advertising and showing horse to clients), and other custom options to suit horse and owner when available.

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